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Gulf Model School is one of the well-known higher secondary schools in Dubai and successfully running over a period of three decades since its establishment in the year 1982. We provide education for the children from Kindergarten to Grade 12 with Science and commerce stream in higher classes following CBSE and Kerala Board curriculum separately. We have the strength of more than 2600 students from different nationalities mainly from all states of India and other Asian countries.

We always keep up high academic achievements in public examinations and other assessment practices. We provide solid academic foundation by promoting various activities and core value of life through effective curriculum with appropriate modifications, effective teaching and learning by identifying collective and individual student needs. We use personal support mechanism for low achievers and special education need children by using feedback from monitoring team and assessment process.

We improve our standard through self-evaluation by understanding and assessing school’s strengths and weaknesses with a realistic view on our performance. We asses our performance standard by monitoring students achievements, personal and social development, innovative skills, teaching and learning assessment, curriculum modification, health care and safety measures. We give special importance to Islamic education, Arabic as an additional language, UAE culture, values and ethics in addition to core subjects offered.

Gulf Model School’s vision is to foster excellence in education, inculcating high moral values, encouraging innovation and critical thinking. We take great care to provide ample opportunity for all students to initiate, nurture and develop their latent talents to the best of their abilities. We envisage our wards growing up as able, competent, responsible, integrated human beings, ready to take on the challenges of the world boldly and confidently, before they leave the institution, to face the new horizons opening up before them.


• To promote a sound and integrated practical approach to education so as to benefit all classes of students equitably.
• To identify, develop and unfold student’s aptitudes, study habits, soft skills, positivism, and the ability to succeed in life, continuously learning and improving with utmost responsibility till the envisaged ideal is attained.
• To provide a platform for the exploration of the knowledge world and the application of their learning enabling them to make meaningful connections, contributions and interactions with the universe at large.
• To maintain quality in teaching and learning auditing and assessing at various levels, assessments based on subjects taught including extra-curricular activities.
• To provide a hygienic safe and secure environment for the students and staff.
• To create effective links with parents to raise the standards and ensure progress. Parents’ views are given due respect and consideration to keep up the quality of teaching, learning and community programs through effective working relationships based on understanding and professionalism.

Al Muhaisinah 4
Post Box: 13683, Dubai, UAE.
Phone: +971 4 2544222 Fax : +971 4 2544550
Email : gmschool@emirates.net.ae
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Gulf Model School, Dubai
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