YOU Fest -2018

YOU Fest -2018

hearty congratulations to all our students who participated in you fest -2018 and our school secured the first runner up position.following are the items in which


  • 1st prize: Pencil Drawing Afnan- Grade 9
  • 1st Prize: Folk Dance -Senior
  • 2nd Prize: English Elocution (sub junior) - Rihana Fathima - Grade 5
  • 2nd Prize: English Recitation (Senior)-Karthika- Grade 12
  • 3rd Prize: Pencil drawing: (Sub junior) Ahnaf Anwar - grade 4
  • 3rd Prize: water Coloring- (Senior) -Sana- Grade 12
  • 2nd Prize: Thiruvathirakali- (Senior and Junior)
  • 2nd Prize: Duffmutt-(Senior and Junior)
  • 2nd Prize: Oppana- (Sub junior, Junior and Senior)
  • 2nd Prize: Margamkali (Junior)

Parent's Testimonials

  • I felt it is a big testimony to Gulf Model School, Dubai that my daughter is getting an excellent opportunity for showcasing their talents and innovative ideas. A lot of new things academically are doing in the school for the upcoming of students mental and physical strength. All these helps to increase the confident level of my daughter for doing all the class works and other activities.

    Mr.Sulaiman (Smeera Beevi,X-A)

  • I think it is a great opportunity for students of the council to make their action plan according to their needs and necessities. I strongly believe it is a great step towards the improvement of quality of Education at GMS. Each and everyone of the students, teachers and management is looking forward to achieve the success growth of the school.

    Mr. Hashim (Wafeequa Bindh Hashim XII-B)

  • I am so happy to see all the progress done in this academic year, excited to see the students engaging in new projects innovatively like reading literacy, vertical garden, project happiness, model town etc. I am confident that we are going in the right direction to fulfill the school’s vision. I am so happy for extending all the support for the success of the school.

    Ms. Remya (Gaury Shiju VIII-C)

  • Since the reading literacy project across the whole school throughout the year made a big change in my daughter’s English language skills. I can tell you, It is very helpful for the students to increase their reading and writing skills. Even these projects make the children think creatively. My daughter enjoys learning at GMS.

    Mr.Suresh Kumar (Sruthi suresh X-A)